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My Penang Hill

How can we prevent landslides in Penang Hill and implement sustainable practices to conserve and preserve its unique ecosystem? Students explore environmental factors, engage the community in conservation efforts, and promote long-term environmental stewardship to protect Penang Hill.

Ergonomics at the Market

How do vendors work and how could they work better? Participants explore ergonomics in the market vendors’ daily work space using ink illustration and drawing.

Communal Living in The Early Settlements

What does it mean to build a well-balanced, healthy, and sustainable community? Participants explore two early settlements in George Town, the Acehnese settlement and Khoo Kongsi, through an interactive guided walk and hands-on activities.

Legacies of P. Ramlee

Who is P. Ramlee? Explore the fascinating world of P. Ramlee’s artistry through films and songs, discovering his legacies that continue to inspire and unite generations.

Meaning of My School Song

Why does every school have a school song? Students explore the significance of their own school song and the meaning behind its lyrics.

Occupations in Our School

What are the different jobs that make sure a school runs smoothly? From the people who keep everything clean and safe to those managing things behind the scenes, students discover the everyday heroes in their school and their crucial roles.

Multicultural Legacies of Early Settlements

What do stories of migration and settlement tell us about ourselves and our collective identity? Participants go on an interactive guided walk around five historical settlements in George Town to explore each community’s living and built heritage.

Treasures of Turmeric

What are the uses and benefits of spices, specifically turmeric? Participants explore the uses of turmeric by various cultural groups through cooking and experiential activities.

Sustainability of Traditional Trades

Are traditional trades still relevant to our society today? Participants explore the flower garland-making trade’s historical and cultural context and making processes while developing their language skills.

Waste Management in a Local Wet Market

Where does waste come from and where does it go? Participants learn about sustainable waste management practices and the relationship between market vendors, suppliers, and local councils through illustration and typography.

Secrets of Coconut

What are the secrets behind ingredients we frequently see in our local dishes? Through hands-on activities, students delve into the cultural significance of ingredients like coconut and their impact on different cuisines, local communities, and the environment.