About CLAP

While information from around the world is at our fingertips, how much do we know about our local issues and local communities?

Separated by the school walls, students have few opportunities to apply classroom learning in the real world, not to mention practice problem-solving in their local communities. This contributes to the lack of a sense of connectedness and belonging, hindering students’ agency as responsible members of their community.

In the same vein, the 2018 PISA Global Competence Assessment Report found that Malaysia ranks among the bottom 10 countries for students’ “awareness of global issues” and “respect for people from other cultures”, while Malaysian teachers reported a great need for training in teaching intercultural skills in the PISA teacher questionnaire. This is despite the fact that Malaysian students scored rather high in “interest in learning about other cultures” and that there is a significant amount of content in the Malaysian curriculum about various cultures relative to other countries.

CBL helps bridge schools and communities to make learning relevant and ensures that our youth are ready to thrive in and contribute to our communities.

Initiated by Arts-ED, this CBL portal seeks to be:

A driver for meaningful learningthat centres local communities and flourishing together.

A friendly resourcefor educators to incorporate CBL into their own practices.

An exchange platform for ideas and inspirationsamong CBL practitioners.

From urban areas to rural communities, Arts-ED has been experimenting with the Community-based Learning methodology in various sites including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, urban low cost flats, the agricultural prefecture of Balik Pulau, Butterworth, and Seberang Jaya. We conduct creative arts education programmes, train artists, cultural workers, and educators, and carry out research and interpretation, with the goal of promoting community-led sustainable development. Based on a deep belief in the importance of cultural diversity, our work facilitates interactions among people from various backgrounds, across generations, religions, ethnicities, class, and gender.

Since 1999, Arts-ED has impacted over 20,000 students, teachers, and creative and cultural practitioners.

CLAP is an initiative by Arts-ED to share the cumulative experiences and insights over the years and to reach out to more educators who are also seeking more effective and engaging teaching and learning methods.

CLAP is made possible by Yayasan Sime Darby and the team:

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With thanks also to contributions from Kuah Li Feng, Stephanie Kee, Koh Aun Qi, Goh Choon Ean, and Nurul Shahira Jamaluddin in developing this portal, and many others who journeyed with Arts-ED throughout the years of CBL adventures.