Where do I start?

Before planning a CBL project, here are some questions for you to consider that relates to the condition and readiness of your STUDENTS, SCHOOL/INSTITUTION, and COMMUNITY.

Some other examples of interconnected local issues and global issues are:

Refer to this downloadable PDF for a checklist and tips:

If your answers to these questions are mostly positive, you are ready for the next stage of planning!

Visit the site and meet the community members before you plan.

Let’s start Planning Your CBL Project


  • Identify CBL team and resources needed
  • Select the community site and map the potential resources and topic of the project
  • Frame the content of CBL project


  • Design Project Lesson Plan
  • Set target group and creative medium
  • Set the learning objectives, citizenship in practice activities, and outreach event
  • Develop activities that include the 4 learning components


  • Establish community networking & logistics
  • Recruit participants/ student
  • Execute and monitor project onsite
  • Document, evaluate, and report